Our Inaugural Pledge

Our Inaugural Pledge

In a moving world, it is an audacious task to present news and views with brilliant apercus.

Since this is a defining moment for us, we must adapt tools and methods to condense and prepare a balanced interpretation of world affairs. We do not have a magic wand or a crystal ball that serves us in understanding the past and anticipating the future. We can only stick to our policy line central to global and human security. From this perspective we will cover a wide range of topics, such as politics, economics, religion, the environment, natural resources, and human rights.

Our goal is to identify major tendencies, achievements, and fallouts in geographical, technological, demographical, and defense matters. The Global Intelligence commits to publish news stories with a sense of future that spurs discussion among decision makers on international issues. All information is open to question, and all concerns have more than one side. To that end, we believe that asking difficult questions can lead to the betterment of human life. To implement this ambitious vision, we ask for our readers’ enthusiasm and cooperation.

Our hope is that the New Year 2012 will bring peace and prosperity for all.

Probir Kumar Sarkar


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