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Summer 2014

Editor’s Comment

“Clean” Coal: An Insulting Oxymoron. As sea levels rise to record highs on American shores, President Barrack Obama has emphasized that climate change is beyond debate—a … [More]


Afghanistan should not be Abandoned. By Probir Kumar Sarkar. The War on Terror—one front in Afghanistan, the other in Iraq—has not decreased the number of jihadists, … [More]

Focus on War

Syrian refugees wave Turkish and Syrian Independence flags during a protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad at Yayladagi refugee camp in Hatay province on the Turkish-Syrian border

Syria’s Last Chance for Peace

A new strategy from Saudi Arabia and the United States could force Assad to negotiate. By Ola … [More]

Seized opium in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Dilemma

A divided policy for ‘good’ Taliban and ‘bad’ Taliban has backfired. By Mahendra Ved. On June … [More]


A Nuclear-free Scotland

Scottish independence threatens NATO’s reliance on a nuclear arsenal By Alexander H. … [More]


Who Will Start the Pacific War?

The Sino-Japanese rivalry has pulled in India and attracted the attention of the United … [More]

Capturing the Flag

Cyberwar, a New War on Terror

NATO Thinks it is prepared for Cyber Terrorism. By S. Saheb. Quis custodiet ipsos … [More]


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