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Winter 2015

Editor’s Comment

Renewed Vigilance in World Affairs. At the dawn of this New Year 2015, which coincides with the start of the fourth year of The … [More]


In the face of rising Russian and Chinese hegemony, the West will be forced on the defensive. by Probir Kumar Sarkar. In … [More]


What the recent Mexican protests should mean to the outside by Aileen Teague. Although marchas (protests), in their frequency … [More]

Authority in Focus


The Tools of Despotism

Policy and laws must keep up with changing technology to prevent the oppression of civil … [More]


Race and War in America

The increasing militarization of police forces threatens America. by Alexander H. … [More]


The Negligence of the CIA

Humanitarian aid in Pakistan still suffers from the CIA’s vaccine deception. by Gabriella … [More]


Terror Threats: Surrender to your Government

U.K. citizens face vanishing freedoms in new counter-terrorism laws. by Emilie … [More]

The Intelligence


U.S. Elections Review: The Path to the White House

The Republicans now hold both the House and Senate, but the sights of both parties are set on … [More]


Uncertainty in Ukraine

What will be the fate of the ‘Borderland’ between Europe and Russia? by Peter Bjel. As winter … [More]


Our Cities Are Changing

Society and technology are merging in the new digital infrastructure of smart cities. by Juda … [More]


Hit Drug Trafficking Where it Hurts

The way to win the War on Drugs is to staunch the cash flow south. by Joseph J. Kolb. Mexican … [More]

Phnom Penh, Sunset

Who is to Blame for Cambodia?

The nation’s own war crimes tribunal falls short of reconciling its horrendous past. Until … [More]

Herman van Rompuy, Stephen Harper and José Manuel Barroso, walking on a red carpet (from left to right)

Trans-Atlantic Trade

The new Canada-E.U. trade agreement will open doors on both sides of the Atlantic. by … [More]


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