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Spring 2015

Editor’s Comment

Burma Struggles to Stay Afloat. Look east, where warmongering clouds are gathering on the horizon, and both opportunity and … [More]

Op-Ed: The Right to Spy

Japan claims it is recasting its intelligence apparatus to match its current needs. By Probir Kumar Sarkar. Throughout the … [More]

How to Travel like a Secret Agent

A new WikiLeaks document reveals that the CIA has all the tips for avoiding complications at the border. By Benjamin … [More]

Look East


The U.S. and India: Hand in Hand

Obama and Modi have a lot of promises to keep after their meeting on India’s Republic Day. By … [More]


Will the Rivals Dance?

Even as China and India maneuver for naval supremacy, trade can bring them together. By … [More]


South Asia’s Islamic State

ISIS recruitment campaigns seek allegiances in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even … [More]


Hiding a Crisis

India cannot overturn the rapist mentality by curtailing free expression. By Mahendra … [More]


Seizing Aeronautic Independence

India’s first indigenous fighter plane is ready to take to the skies. By Siddharth … [More]

The Intelligence


All Work and No Play

25 years after the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, child labor continues to plague … [More]

Opposition Rebels Battle Gaddafi Forces In Eastern Libya

Report on Libya: The Clash for Oil

The nation holding the world’s 9th largest oil reserves has been sliced open by rival factions … [More]

MOAS rescue 105 migrants in rubber dinghyPhoto: Darrin Zammit Lupi/MOAS

Death on Europe’s Doorstep

The migrant body count on the Mediterranean far surpasses the toll of terrorism, but the E.U. has … [More]



Migrants seeking to enter the U.K. wait in derelict camps in the French port town of … [More]


Remembering the Life that Changed the Future

Sixty years after his death, Alan Turing’s innovations—and the controversy surrounding him—remain … [More]


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